Top 9 most useful desserts for the body

Top 9 most useful desserts for the body

Sweets, cakes, pastries, donuts, marshmallows, sorbet … There are so many temptations in front of a modern man! And how difficult it is to deny yourself the pleasure of enjoying your favorite dessert! But, nevertheless, it is necessary to show a sense of proportion.

Not all yoghurts in the store meet nutritional guidelines. Some dairy products are being tested as surrogates created on the basis of vegetable protein, others include simply unimaginable amounts of sugar, and still others contain synthetic additives instead of pieces of healthy fruit. Of course, such drinks cannot be consumed. It is better to cook yoghurts yourself, then you will be sure of their quality.

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For more health benefits, buy Bifidobacterium Yogurt Starter. It is most convenient to prepare a drink before bedtime, then in the morning there will be a hearty and healthy delicacy on your table.

Dark chocolate

6. Dark chocolate

Dark chocolate is an ideal solution for those who are losing weight, who cannot imagine themselves without aromatic chocolate desserts. Unlike milk chocolate, it is lower in calories and often contains no sugar. But it contains an abundance of nutrients – antioxidants that guard health and beauty; flavonoids, which have a sedative effect and strengthen the steroids for sale capillaries; and trace elements – protein, calcium, magnesium, iron and others.

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The norm of dark chocolate per day is calculated individually and depends on the type of diet followed, the age and weight of the person.

7. Marmalade

This healthy delicacy is known to everyone from childhood, but for some reason, in adulthood, we often forget about it. But the marmalade contains a very useful natural component – pectin! Aesculapians argue that this substance helps to normalize the work of the gastrointestinal tract, reduces the level of “bad” cholesterol, and removes toxins from the body. And the calorie content of marmalade is less in comparison with other popular desserts.

8. Halva

The popular oriental sweetness will not only delight you with its taste, but will also help preserve health and beauty. Scientists rank halva in a number of products that rejuvenate the body. It contains vitamins A, E and group B, which have a beneficial effect on the condition of the skin, hair and nails. Due to the vitamin D content, halva strengthens muscles and the skeletal steroids for sale bodybuilding system, therefore it is often recommended for athletes.

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Studies have shown that regular consumption of halva will help cope with neuroses and insomnia, normalize blood pressure and help curb the growth of tumors in the intestines, lungs and mammary gland.

9. Muesli

If you need to quickly cheer up and restore energy, there is no better treat. For good reason, muesli is one of the healthy, balanced breakfasts. Few people know that muesli was developed by a Swiss naturopathic physician, Dr. Benner, who made it the foundation of his patients’ daily diet.

Muesli is rich in vitamins A and B, iron, magnesium, phosphorus, sodium and calcium. In addition, they are a storehouse of beneficial unsaturated fatty acids and a source of fiber. It is better to eat muesli at home, as grocery stores can be loaded with harmful substances – high sugar content and synthetic substitutes for fruits and berries. In addition, store-bought bars are often made from crushed grains, while whole grains are good for the body.

Many people who follow proper nutrition are wondering about the possibility of eating sweet foods and desserts. In order to eliminate “food depression”, many nutritionists recommend eating foods that have a sweet taste. However, not all, but only the “correct” ones. What to give preference to?

Many people like to use fruit for dessert. In this case, it is advisable to opt for fruits containing beneficial enzymes that promote digestion. These include pineapple, which contains the enzyme bromelain, which speeds up biochemical processes and promotes protein digestion. Papaya contains papayin, which will take care of your intestines and stomach. Kiwi is rich in the enzyme actinidin, which also clenbuterol hydrochloride clen for sale helps to improve digestion.

When preparing desserts, you should pay special attention to the natural plant sugar substitute – stevia. This “honey herb” has a sweet taste that is a hundred times higher than the usual sugar. Chicory is perfect for making healthy and tasty creams. In addition, chicory is a source of inulin.

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One of the popular ingredients for making healthy desserts is dark chocolate with a cocoa content of at least 85 percent, which is best consumed with breakfast.

Any fruit desserts are recommended to be taken in the first half of the day, since eating fruit in the evening leads to fermentation processes with the formation of acids and alcohols, which leads to inflammatory processes in the intestines. Correct use of any dessert will improve your health and well-being and will not affect your figure.

The Internet is full of all sorts of interesting information about the dangers of sugar for our body. But there is also a lot of speculation, so in this short summary I would like to focus only on strictly proven scientific facts.

Sugar consumption has increased 50-120 times over the past century (even at the beginning of the 20th century, the very fact of the presence of sugar on the table indicated the wealth of the family – these are, as a rule, rich merchants). Think about it: we are talking about ecology, pollution, but which of the indicators increased by two orders of magnitude (sugar is present in many products: from cakes and cookies to ketchup and mustard)?

Nature was not ready for this, and in such a short period the human body did not have time to rebuild: one hormone, insulin, is responsible for lowering the sugar level (lack of which leads to diabetes mellitus).

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Why is it bad if sugar persists in the blood for a long time (i.e., it is diabetes mellitus or the so-called prediabetes – fasting hyperglycemia and impaired glucose tolerance)? Sugar damages blood vessels, and this is certain death.

Where does the body “remove” sugar? This is where the fun begins. The sugar depot is glycogen in the liver and muscles. Officially we read: “… 80 g of glycogen in the liver ….” But that’s only if you’ve worked out and emptied it in your liver. We eat not only after physical work. Then the situation is as follows: you bought a lot of new things, and the closet is full (the liver is saturated with glycogen, because we do not move much). The life-saving fallback is muscle glycogen! It’s even more fun here. Officially, an average of 120 grams. But what is “average”?

For example, the muscle mass of a weightlifter and an average woman, either a photo model, or better than a plump woman (you will be surprised, but a photo model may have more muscles, since they grow from physical activity, and not from food). Will they be the same? Of course not. This means that we will take away more on a “truck” than on a bicycle (ie, an athlete can absorb more sugar more without harm than an ordinary person). Yes. The amount of glycogen is calculated per kilogram of muscle mass (and again a harmful addition if the depots are empty, i.e. you have trained, physically worked, etc.).

Where does the body “send” sugar from the blood as standard? There is a fallback! This is the synthesis of fat (triglycerides) and cholesterol. Therefore, all diets recommend lowering sugar intake, and every doctor knows that we will not achieve control over cholesterol levels if we do not reduce our intake of sweets.

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What follows is already described in detail: cardiovascular diseases, endocrine diseases, etc. As a gastroenterologist, I can only add: gallstone disease, obesity of the liver (steatosis), damage to the pancreas. Of course, we will prescribe ursodeoxycholic acid preparations that will help our patients, but even then, with our nutrition, we can help the treatment, or to a large extent neutralize it. The choice is yours…

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